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Stillwater Metal, LLC Testimonial: Metal siding, roofing, and Trim

Posted by Zack Ledford on Apr 26, 2019 12:03:55 PM


Our valued customer, Stillwater Metal, LLC, puts their trust in Bradbury equipment and service!

Located in Kenton, OH, Stillwater Metal, LLC uses Bradbury's cutting edge manufacturing equipment in their brand new facility. Specializing in the production of roof panels, siding, and trim products for the metal building industry,  Stillwater Metal utilizes a Bradbury Double High Rollformer for panel production and a Bradbury 4X Trim Rollformer for their high volume trim products. A  Bradbury PCII Slit Cut-to-Length line is used for slitting their trim blanks. 

“We chose Bradbury for our equipment because of their reputation in the industry. Our experience has been great with good quality equipment and the service behind it. We have been very happy with their technicians.

Sam Hostetler


Stillwater Metal, LLC

Kenton, OH 

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Bradbury AM400™ Produces Superior Steel Framing Parts for MRI

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Jan 29, 2018 8:30:00 AM

 MRI Steel Framing, located in Gary, IN, recently added a Bradbury AM400 structural roll forming line to its line-up of manufacturing equipment. The Bradbury AM400 is engineered to efficiently manufacture the highest quality commercial structural metal framing products in the building industry. 

Able to produce roll formed steel framing products up to 10-gauge thickness, and capable of producing a 16” web, 4” flange stud, and a 4” leg track, the AM400 gives MRI a competitive advantage in the steel framing market.  “This machine has provided optimal performance since the initial deployment. We hit the ground running; producing superior parts with minimal scrap. I am confident we will continue to grow our business in the industry with the reliability and durability of this Bradbury line,” stated Mark Krzyszton, Vice-President, Operations & General Manager for MRI Steel Framing.

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Bradbury Receives Leveler and Laser Flat Trak® CL Testimonial

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Jan 10, 2018 8:09:46 AM

Dickie Jones, Plant Operations Manager at Centria in Frankfort, KY, USA, had this to say about their Bradbury e-Drive® leveler with the Flat Trak® CL monitoring system: 

“Our Auto Selective Hydraulic leveler from Bradbury is an awesome machine! By running in automatic mode and letting the leveler adjust itself, we achieve an in-house material flatness within ½ an I-Unit or less instead of the usual five to ten I-Units from outside sources. The steel and aluminum sheets from this machine are so flat you can’t physically find material issues. We now have zero problems feeding a production machine that requires sheet flatness to be within .004.”

The Flat Trak® CL Series measures, displays and makes automated adjustments to the leveler! 

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Climate Craft, Inc. Testimonial: Automated Production Systems

Posted by Matt Werner on Jan 1, 2018 12:00:00 AM

The Bradbury Co., Inc. received a testimonial from a valued customer, Climate Craft, Inc.

"Bradbury engineered our system as a versatile, dual-mode line which allows us to precut blanks as well as postcut short finished parts using a sophisticated double acting shear. With this setup, the overall scrap is exceptionally low, the net throughput is excellent, and the part quality is outstanding.


Our final assembled product requires tight tolerance parts. The parts produced on the Bradbury system are held to non-accumulative tolerances which enhance the final assembly.

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Villacero Testimony: QTR™ Purlin Rollformers

Posted by Matt Werner on Dec 27, 2017 8:54:00 AM


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Duggan Profiles and Steel Service Center: QTR Purlin Rollformers

Posted by Matt Werner on Dec 18, 2017 9:30:00 AM


The Bradbury Co., Inc. received a testimonial from a valued customer, Duggan Profiles &Steel Service Center Ltd..  

"When we were looking to purchase a new purlin line, our main objectives were to produce a quality roll-formed product from Sigma to Cee sections facilitating all punching and notching details that our customers require; to have a flexible line that would enable us to reduce lead time from order time to delivery time; to link our production line to the customer’s CAD software therefore reducing large amounts of repetitive administration and errors that can be associated with double-entry of orders; and to have the capacity to roll high grade steel from 1.2 mm to 3.2 mm material thickness.


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MBCI Testimony: QTR™ & Bardie Cartridge™

Posted by Matt Werner on Nov 14, 2017 9:25:00 AM


The Bradbury Co., Inc. received a testimonial from a valued customer, MBCI.  


"Our objective with the QTR™ was to make our changeovers quicker. MBCI went with the Bardie Cartridge™ Adjustment on each of the rollforming stands. This allowed operators to change material thickness without having to adjust the rolltooling manually. As the thicker material enters into each roll station, the compressed Bardie Cartridge™ allows the material to feed through with the correct form. The Bardie Cartridge™ is accurate and repeatable. The rollformer comes with an easy calibration tool which is incorporated as part of the preventative maintenance schedule to check twice every year.

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Centria Testimonial: Roller Leveler

Posted by Matt Werner on Aug 16, 2017 8:48:00 AM


The Bradbury Co., Inc. received a testimonial from a valued customer, Centria.


"Our NEW Auto Selective Hydraulic leveler from Bradbury is an awesome machine!  By running in automatic mode and letting the leveler adjust itself, we achieve an in-house material flatness within ½ an I-Unit or less instead of the usual five to ten I-Units from outside sources. The steel and aluminum sheets from this machine are so flat you can’t physically find material issues. We now have zero problems feeding a production machine that requires sheet flatness to be within .004."

Dickie Jones

Plant Operations Manager


Frankfort, KY

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Beck Automation Receives Controls Testimonial

Posted by Matt Werner on Mar 2, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The Bradbury Co., Inc. received a new testimonial from Richards-Wilcox.

Alan Adams stated, "We are extremely happy with our decision to partner with Beck Automation on upgrading the controls systems for our FP Garage Door Line.  It has enabled us to increase production while managing to decrease our scrap.  Their staff worked with us every step of the way from listening to our needs, suggesting solutions that fit these needs, and installing the systems that met our needs.  I would highly recommend Beck Automation to anyone looking to improve upon their controls systems.”

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Bradbury Receives Wall System Testimonial

Posted by Matt Werner on Oct 13, 2015 9:30:00 AM

The Bradbury Co., Inc. received a new testimonial from Knight Wall Systems.

Kenn Wittenberg stated, "Knight Wall Systems is a family owned west coast manufacturer of engineered rainscreen wall systems. Since we were new to the world of roll forming, we conducted a long extensive search of equipment manufacturers who could develop the custom equipment needed to meet our specific demands & requirements. After completing our long search we only discovered a few that could produce the equipment line we were looking for. With many detailed conversations and plant visits, we finally chose Bradbury. We did this for many reasons naming a few which include the high degree of quality, their professionalism, and the value they bring to the table. Ultimately for us we have a sense of security knowing we have a solid American made roll forming line that has been supported and backed every step of the way! We would recommend Bradbury to any customer looking for a top notch quality machine that will produce a superior product to their competitors. We now are moving confidently forward knowing we have a solid piece of equipment that will help take us to the next level!"

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