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Willbanks Trusts Bradbury's Flat Trak CL for Absolute Flat Material

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Willbanks Metals knows that flat material is key to making quality parts and products. They currently have a Bradbury Flat Trak® CL installed in a cut to length line. Watch their video to discover how the Flat Trak® CL system makes automatic adjustments to their Bradbury e-Drive® leveler. Willbanks Metals utilizes Flat Trak's A.I. to detect, record, and automatically adjust their Bradbury leveler to produce absolute flat material. The Flat Trak® CL system provides consistent and reliable results from shift to shift and day to day. “The goal is to deliver truly flat material so our customer can be confident that no time, effort, or money will be lost because of an unseen material shape issue” – Eric Letz, CEO/President, Willbanks Metals. 

Bradbury’s Flat Trak® CL continuously scans the material strip for shape defects and displays the coil surface in a topographical view in real time.  When installed with the Bradbury e-Drive® leveler, the system will automatically adjust the leveler to maintain a flat strip. This system will free up new and experienced operators to focus on other production line tasks. 

For years, Bradbury hydraulic leveling technology has led the industry in innovation and ease of operation. This system is accurate, intuitive, and easy to operate.  All monitoring is performed before the material is sheared with lower scrap output as a main focus.

Produce Absolute Flat Material

•Let the Flat Trak® CL do the work for you.

•Allow your operator to focus on other tasks.

•Produce a flat, stress-free strip.

•Improve your end product. 

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