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Bradbury Flat Trak CL Removes Stress

Bradbury Flat Trak CL Strip Evaluation


The Flat Trak® CL Strip Evaluation System is Bradbury's recent technological evolution that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze strip condition and provide suggested adjustments to your leveler to process flat material.  FLat Trak CL_blog 2

How does it work? Bradbury’s Flat Trak® CL continuously scans the strip surface for shape defects. The included video monitor depicts actual shape conditions in real time and allows the operator to make an informed decision for adjustment to improve flatness. The operator can adjust the leveler and see in real time how the changes affect material shape. When installed with the Bradbury e•Drive® Leveler, the Flat Trak® CL System can automatically adjust the leveler to maintain a flat strip, allowing your operator to focus on other production line tasks.   

Bradbury FlatTrak Graphic DisplayWhat if you don't own a Bradbury leveler? The Flat Trak® CL may be placed in your line even if you don't have a Bradbury leveler. It will monitor the strip and provide a recommended roll shape to manually correct the strip shape defect. The operator can adjust the leveler and see in real time how the changes affect material shape. 

What is included with the Flat Trak® CL system?  It comes with a material conveyor equipped with a flat measuring surface to match your pass line and line width. A dedicated material encoder is used to identify strip travel length.  An “end of coil” proximity switch is installed to signal the coil is complete and ready to reset. The dedicated PLC, I/O, and amplifiers are enclosed in the machine junction box.   

Remove the stress in your production line. 

•Let the Flat Trak® CL do the work for you.

•Allow your operator to focus on other tasks.

•Produce a flat, stress free strip.

•Improve your end product. 

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