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Quick to Ship In-Stock and Trade-in Equipment Available

Posted by Shonda Fast on Oct 29, 2020 9:07:44 AM

Do you need additional manufacturing capacity? Do you need equipment delivered before year end for tax savings?

Bradbury has the following pieces of New & Used In-Stock Equipment available with shorter delivery times. Our stock equipment is selling fast so check availability by calling or by using the contact us button to submit an inquiry.

Call for Pricing

Toll Free in US: +1.800.397.6394

Ph: +1.620.345.6394

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Double Belt Flatness is key to producing quality Sandwich Panels

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Oct 19, 2020 10:00:00 AM


The Bradbury Double Belt Provides Finished Sandwich Panels without Blemish

Bradbury supplies complete, continuous, foam-filled panel production lines from entry coil handling to exit-end packaging. Whether for the garage door market, commercial buildings, or the cold storage industry, we can meet your specific needs for PUR/PIR/MW/EPS. Bradbury machines are capable of handling panels from 0.75” (20mm) to 12” (300mm) thick, up to 48” (1220 mm) wide. At the heart of the insulated panel line is the double belt continuous press. Bradbury, located in Moundridge, Kansas, manufactures a high quality, extremely durable double belt press that has industry leading tolerances for flatness. 

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Bradbury is Going Virtual with Tours for Schools During MFG Month!

Posted by Shonda Fast on Oct 8, 2020 11:17:51 AM

Manufacturing Day is typically held during the first week of October where companies open their doors to students to showcase the technology and various job opportunities involved in manufacturing - essentially getting students excited about pursuing careers in STEM. This year, we are taking the event Virtual and hosting online tours throughout the month of October. 

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Willbanks Trusts Bradbury's Flat Trak CL for Absolute Flat Material

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Sep 30, 2020 10:58:12 AM


Willbanks Metals knows that flat material is key to making quality parts and products. They currently have a Bradbury Flat Trak® CL installed in a cut to length line. Watch their video to discover how the Flat Trak® CL system makes automatic adjustments to their Bradbury e-Drive® leveler. Willbanks Metals utilizes Flat Trak's A.I. to detect, record, and automatically adjust their Bradbury leveler to produce absolute flat material. The Flat Trak® CL system provides consistent and reliable results from shift to shift and day to day. “The goal is to deliver truly flat material so our customer can be confident that no time, effort, or money will be lost because of an unseen material shape issue” – Eric Letz, CEO/President, Willbanks Metals. 

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Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Sep 24, 2020 2:43:44 PM

Controlling as Much as Possible with Your Own

Custom Metal Tile Roofing System

By Lance Eagle, Business Development & Sales Manager, Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions (BMTRS)

Article released by  Jim Austin, Targeted Content Inc. 

The more control you have running your business, the better chance you have of being successful. A trend in the metal roofing business for the last few decades has been for roofing companies to purchase roll forming machines to produce a specific standing seam profile or multiple profiles. Some of these roll formers are large machines, set up in a manufacturing plant and some are smaller portable machines, driven right to the jobsite on a small trailer with enough coil to produce the roofing for a particular project. 

Either way, by owning a roll former, you gain control over the production of your roofing needs. There are added responsibilities that come with owning a roll former … it requires someone with proper training to operate and maintain the machine. You need warehouse space to store coil and any other accessories required for a particular roofing a job. It’s all about more control of your business. 

How does that help those who choose to offer metal tile and shingle roofing?

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Athader and Leveltek Sign Strategic Agreement

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Sep 22, 2020 4:35:56 PM

Athader and Leveltek Sign a Strategic Agreement for Stretch Leveler Cut-To-Length Lines

Athader, A Bradbury Group Company located in Spain, has signed a strategic agreement with Leveltek International, a U.S. company, for the worldwide supply of stretch leveling cut-to-length lines after being awarded a contract by a well-known European service center for a line of this type. This will be the third installation of a Athader/Leveltek stretch leveler CTL line.

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Integrate inventory management with your roll forming business

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Sep 16, 2020 3:40:21 PM

Evaluate your needs. Know your options. Utilize available technology.

The phrase "inventory management" has various meanings to manufacturing companies, but to achieve optimum results in your manufacturing process, combining your inventory management with your roll forming operation is the best solution.  Inventory management can include coil inventory, scrap reduction, production reporting, tracking, preventative maintenance, customized evaluations, and more. Read the article, "Inventory Management & Plant Integration for Roll Formers," written by Shawn Huffman, Beck Automation Sales Manager, in the August issue of Metal Roofing Magazine

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Bradbury Group Industry Experts to Present at FMA Workshop

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Sep 1, 2020 3:22:50 PM

Gain Industry Insight. Ask questions. Learn from the Industry Leaders.

The Bradbury Group has three representatives who will share their knowledge, processes, and advice during the FMA World Class Roll Forming Virtual Workshop in September. The four-day virtual conference will cover the complete roll forming process from beginning to end; discussing roll forming justification, complete roll forming systems, design, tooling design and installation, material handling, and more.

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Bradbury Equipment Rebuild Program - B.O.S.S. Shear

Posted by Shonda Fast on Aug 27, 2020 1:03:00 PM

Did you know that The Bradbury Group has an Equipment Rebuild Program? 

The Bradbury Group of Companies are known for their long-lasting equipment that operates for decades. When it becomes time to decide whether or not to buy new or refurbish, our Equipment Rebuild Program is a great option to consider.

In reality, we know that not all machines are maintained or serviced to the full extent of the manufacturer's direction. They are just that - a used machine - beat up, pushed to full capacity, and well worn. After a good cleaning, they can look bright and shiny, but the inner-workings and heart of the machine may be at the breaking point and less efficient than they once were. 

What does a Rebuild Entail?

A rebuild from The Bradbury Group consists of a meticulous inspection of all mechanical parts, electrical components, controls and safety features. All parts are disassembled and a determination is made as to which can be repaired, replaced, or upgraded. The machine is then reassembled, painted, and tested, returning it to "like new" condition.

What does a Rebuild Actually Look Like?

A Bradbury Customer requested a rebuild of their 1996 model B.O.S.S.TM Shear and Stock Reel recently. We were able to capture this transformation with some before and after pictures. 

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Brownie Cox Joins Bradbury R&D Team as Leveler Product Manager

Posted by Shonda Fast on Aug 18, 2020 2:22:00 PM

For decades, Brownie Cox has been known as a trailblazer when it comes to enhancing the technology associated with metal flattening machines. Brownie has been a part of The Bradbury Group for over 30 years and has a professional background in industrial controls and machine programming.  He has been a guest speaker at conferences in Europe, China, India, and throughout the U.S. and specializes in topics associated with leveling technology. With extensive experience in the steel processing industry, multiple feature articles in manufacturing publications, six leveling technological advancement patents, and senior sales leadership roles at Bradbury, Brownie has definitely made a mark on the industry. That is why Bradbury is pleased to announce that Brownie has joined the R&D department as Leveler Product Manager.

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