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A Bradbury BOSS Shear Rebuild Now Available in Your Facility!

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Bradbury's BOSS™ shear is a vital part of your production process and we can assist in ensuring it runs at its top performance level by completing a mechanical rebuild onsite.  Our experienced team can perform the necessary work at your facility to enhance cut quality and accuracy while reducing the risk of machine downtime. This eliminates the need to ship the equipment to our factory or pull it out of line.  The details of this cost-effective onsite rebuild are listed below. 


Components Provided:

- Drive Belts (One spare will be left hanging loose on the drive belt holder)

- Roller Straightener MotorBradbury BOSS Shear

- Roller Straightener Gear Box

- Clutch and Brake

- Roller Straightener Work Rolls

- Upper and Lower Pinch Rolls

- All new Bearings for Pinch Rolls and Work Rolls

- Spur Gears

- Linear Rails and Bearings

- Upper and Lower Shear Blades

- Pneumatic Valves, Gauges, and FRL for air supply

- Work Roll Adjustment AssembliesBradbury BOSS Shear Rollforming Line

- Drive Pullies for Crank and Motor

- Cam followers for Linkage Arms

- Work Roll Adjustment Assemblies

- Roller Straightener Drive Sprockets


Rebuild Installation:

Two (2) Bradbury Technicians onsite for 7 days.

Labor and Travel expenses included.

*Any parts found to be worn and needing replaced that are not listed above will be quoted to the customer at the time of the service.

*Machine guarding is not included and will be placed in the same state as when the technicians arrived.

*No electricals included.

*Freight not included.

We look forward to talking to you about this opportunity and any other service needs you may have.

Call and ask to speak to Customer Service regarding a BOSS™ Mechanical Rebuild!


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