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Marion Die & Fixture is a Preferred Source for Cutoff Shear Blades

Did you know Marion Die & Fixture (MDF) is a preferred industry source for new shear blades in production lines?

Marion Die & Fixture Cutoff MDF utilizes the profile CAD file for creating the exact panel profile built into the shear blade. This process allows for a precise shear angle that prolongs the cutting blade life, reduces tonnage, and improves the cut edge quality on the panels.

By utilizing EDM technology, Marion Die & Fixture cuts the profile on shear blades post-heat treat to ensure the shear surface quality is ideal for the shear blade cut.

Marion Die & Fixture EDM MachineIn addition to the EDM technology, MDF evaluates each cutting/shearing application and identifies different tool steels, allowing for longer blade life to minimize maintenance and downtime.

MDF supplies profiled cutoff blades that mount on most shears, including off-line shears and shears in production lines. Single or multiple-piece cutoff blades are available. MDF is also your source for sharpening existing cutoff blades 

Marion Die & Fixture Cutoff Shear Blades

Marion Die & Fixture offers quality customer service and fast product turn-around. MDF, a company within The Bradbury Group, offers reliable forming and fabrication industry solutions. Dies and products offered include pierce, emboss, progressive, transfer, draw, perforation, louver, cut-off, forming, turn-key systems, hydraulic press systems, accelerator systems, and more 


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Marion Die & Fixture (MDF) is a member of The Bradbury Group.