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Product Spotlight: Flying Post Cut Panel Line

Posted by Matt Werner on Nov 9, 2015 1:56:23 PM

The Bradbury Group offers multiple options when it comes to Metal Roofing and Siding roll formers. This product spotlight features a Hayes Single Level Panel roll former, Bradbury Flying Post Cut Shear, and Beck Automation closed loop controls. This line is also designed to run moisture barrier underlayment and produce quality panels with or without felt. 


The Beck Automation Smart Cut feature tracks the last piece of a batch automatically through the line. This allows the operator to finish the order in automatic mode with the correct amount of steel in the roll former. The double end uncoiler can be rotated so a new coil can be threaded.

The roll tooling is designed to be able to run with or without underlayment.  This requires additional passes and specifically designed overform capabilities for consistent production.

The flying post cut shear can produce panels at 200 FPM through put with an up cut shear to avoid scratching when running out panels on a stack.  As seen in the video, the line is not limited with a minimum panel length nor does the machine limit the maximum length that can be produced.  The closed loop Beck SII controller is a touch screen, networkable with multiple production management systems for download/upload and achieves a length tolerance of +/- 1/16".

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