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Protect Your Equipment Investment with Beck Automation's Connex

Beck Automation is a leading control system provider for the metal forming industry. Their products make production machines more efficient and profitable; designing controls and related products specifically for roll forming, cut-to-length, tube mills, portable roll formers, and folding machines. Beck Automation's Connex is a multi-user, web-based production management software that links your office to your plant floor. Connex offers job scheduling, coil tracking, customizable reports, the ability to import/export to your existing ERP software, and more. 

Beck Automation Connex preventative maintenance

To assist customers with protecting their capital equipment investment, Beck Automation, a member of The Bradbury Group, developed a new module for Connex which helps regulate the equipment's preventative maintenance schedule. Benefits include keeping downtime to a minimum, increasing production, and in turn, increasing profits while providing on-time deliveries for customers. Once a machine’s maintenance schedule is set up in Connex, it will notify maintenance staff of upcoming tasks, provide detailed instructions on how to perform each task, and notify supervisors when tasks are past due or complete. 

Beck_PreventativeMaintenance_ Pic-1

Using Connex for Equipment Preventative Maintenance offers these Advantages: 

  • Protect the longevity of your machine
  • Increase production due to less unscheduled downtime
  • Schedule maintenance based on a specific manufacturer's recommendations
    • Tasks can be based on time, press cycles, or lineal footage
    • Includes tasks from greasing components, sharpening/replacing tools, to replacing roll tooling
    • Notify maintenance staff or superiors when maintenance is due/past due
    • Provide instructions for performing maintenance
      • Basic instructions, pictures, or video
    • Track all maintenance records
      • What tasks that have been performed
      • When tasks were performed
      • Who performed the tasks
      • The time required for tasks that were performed to assist with scheduling future maintenance

Create a preventative maintenance plan that can be monitored and tracked to keep your equipment running at its optimum performance. Get more out of your investment with more throughput and less down-time. Contact Beck Automation at +1-314-576-9736 or contact us via the button below to learn more. 

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