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Did You Know Bradbury Offers A Roll Tooling Training Course?

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Our roll tooling training course includes classroom instruction and hands on training! 

You've invested in Bradbury roll forming equipment for maximum production at your facility, so why not invest in your employees with roll tooling training from an industry expert? At Bradbury, we believe in investing in our people and our processes. This commitment extends to our customers. Bradbury Roll Tooling Training Course

Ron Dies, Bradbury Technical Training Director & Preventative Maintenance, will instruct and guide your employees during a full day of technical roll tooling training. With nearly 20 years of direct experience with Bradbury equipment, Ron has a vast amount of knowledge to share with you regarding equipment install, maintenance, line operation, and more. 

The one-day course includes five to six hours of classroom instruction and two to three hours of engaged, hands-on training. Although having the course at Bradbury is an option, we recommend having the training at your facility. This allows Ron the opportunity to work with your employees on the machine they operate and resolve any questions or concerns they may currently have.

The class will cover four main topics: 

  1. Learn to read and understand Bradbury's roll tooling prints and discover how Bradbury designs roll tooling. Ron_Equipment_Bradbury_Training-1
  2. Learn to assemble Bradbury mills to prepare for roll tooling and how to install Bradbury raft plates. 
  3. Learn to properly set up, calibrate, and align Bradbury roll tooling. 
  4. Learn to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot profile issues. 

We encourage you to include seasoned operators, new operators, maintenance technicians, quality control inspectors, safety coordinators, etc. in this training. Everyone will benefit from this experience. 

The Bradbury Group takes a very proactive approach to engineering and manufacturing quality equipment and supporting your investment with exemplary service. We want to help your equipment maintain top performance production. 

Contact us to discuss class size options, cost, and the advantages this course will bring to your production.

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or submit the form below and we will contact you. 

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