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Nova Steel purchases Athader Heavy Gauge Slitting Line

Nova Steel Inc. recently purchased a Heavy Gauge Slitting Line from Athader S.L., a member of The Bradbury Group. The line, to be installed in the Nova Steel and Tube LLC plant in Delta, OH, will slit 0.500” x 74” x 80,000lb coils.undefined-1

The slitting line features state-of-the-art automation, automatic coil loading, automatic slitter tooling changeover, and automatic separator changes to minimize production delays.


A driven flattener, double eccentric slitter heads for precise slit edge tolerances, and a unique injecta scrap chopper system to decrease downtime for chopper knife changeovers are also production-increasing components. The line will have side-shifting separators and automatic separator changeover systems to help the operators reach maximum production levels. Offline banding will allow the slitting line to run production while the exit banding is completed offline. The heavy gauge line will be supplied with a fully integrated safety system. 

Nova Steel is a privately owned company, operating 18 divisions in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They operate manufacturing, processing, and distribution businesses under the names of Nova Steel, American Steel, Aluminum LLC, and Cresswell Industries. Their main businesses are structural, mechanical, and automotive tubing, standard pipe, service centers and distribution, heavy fabrication and weldments, industrial racking, and nails for hardwood floors. Nova Steel currently employs 950 people across North America.

Athader S.L., a member of The Bradbury Group, is dedicated to producing high-quality, productivity-enhancing coil processing equipment for customers worldwide, consisting primarily of Slitting, Blanking, and Cut-to-Length Lines. With hundreds of lines in operation worldwide, customers recognize Athader as a cutting-edge technology leader.

The Bradbury Group, combining the expertise and experience of The Bradbury Co., Inc. and Athader, S.L., produces coil processing equipment consisting of Slitting Lines, Blanking Lines, Cut-to-Length Lines, Slit and CTL Packaging Lines, and the patented Bradbury e-Drive³® Leveler. The Bradbury Leveling System continues to evolve by offering the industry the most up-to-date leveling technology available such as e-Drive³®, Bow Scout® Coil Set Monitoring System with automatic adjustment capabilities, Yield Finder™, and the Flat Trak® CL Monitoring System with automatic Leveler adjust.

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