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Celebrating 65 Years of Excellence: Bradbury Company Marks a Milestone

We are excited to announce that the Bradbury Co., Inc. is proudly celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. As we reflect on our journey, it's incredible to see how The Bradbury Group has grown and evolved over the years. So, who is The Bradbury Group? The Bradbury Group is a global family of companies dedicated to manufacturing industry-leading metal processing equipment for our customers. The Bradbury Co., Inc., founded in 1959, has expanded its global presence and diversified its product portfolio through several acquisitions and ventures. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we cater to a wide range of industries worldwide.

The Bradbury Group is comprised of manufacturing companies located across the globe, each bringing their own expertise and capabilities to the table. Headquartered in Moundridge, Kansas, the group was started from the Bradbury Co., Inc. as a family-owned business. Over the past 65 years acquisitions have been made to create The Bradbury Group. The companies that make up the group include Alliance Machine and Engraving, American Machine and Rollform Tech., Athader Slitting Lines, Attica Precision Machining, Beck Automation, The Bradbury Co., Inc., Bradbury Group Australia, Bradbury Group PU.MA., Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions, Bradbury UK, Custom Rollforming Corporation, Hayes International, Marion Die & Fixture, Metform International, and Press Room Equipment Company.Bradbury Group Acquistions

At The Bradbury Group, we are dedicated to upholding our values, leveraging our core competencies, and continuously enhancing our range of solutions. We strive to live by these principles, allowing us to consistently meet the evolving needs of our customers and drive innovation in the industries we serve. We are open to new ideas that help our companies, employees, equipment, and customers grow and evolve.

About the group companies:

Bradbury CompanyBradbury started in 1959 as a roll-formed products division and a manufacturer of roll tooling for the metal-forming industry. This September Bradbury will celebrate its 65th anniversary. In 1964, Floyd Bradbury designed the first Bradbury roll former for a company that produced awnings. Today, our equipment line-up encompasses technologically advanced roll forming lines, complete coil processing lines, levelers, and state-of-the-art automated production systems. In 1986, The Bradbury Co., Inc. acquired the coil processing rights from Paxson, which included the initial design of the corrective roller leveler. We hold 28 active U.S. patents, two patent-pending applications, and 60 active international patents. When it comes to Bradbury equipment, you can rest assured that it embodies cutting-edge technology and is unrivaled in quality and longevity.


Custom Rollforming CorpBradbury’s roll-formed products division received its own identity in 1991 as Custom Rollforming Corporation (CRC). CRC now operates ten production lines in its Moundridge, KS, facility, forming an array of roll-formed metal products customized to customer specifications. CRC’s production spectrum spans from simple to intricate parts in various shapes and gauges. 


American Machine Rotary cutoff Bradbury expanded its portfolio by acquiring American Machine & Rollform Tech in 1996. American Machine has been a pioneer in crafting cutting-edge roll forming and hydraulic punch and cutoff machines since 1989. Manufactured at the Bradbury facility, The 
AMRT brand boasts state-of-the-art hydraulic punch and cut equipment, most notably the patented Viper® technology that has revolutionized the steel framing industry.


Marion Die and FixtureIn January 1999, we welcomed Marion Die & Fixture (MDF) into The Bradbury Group. MDF, located in Marion, KS, specializes in crafting equipment for the tool and die industry, offering a range of solutions from progressive dies to punch and notch dies, door emboss dies, and cutoff dies. Their clientele spans numerous industries, including appliance, automotive, garage door, HVAC, lighting, metal building, and more.


Hayes  InternationalVenturing into the Southern Hemisphere in July 1999, Bradbury acquired Hayes International, headquartered in Rotorua, New Zealand. Since its beginning in 1960, Hayes has been a globally acclaimed company and a trusted supplier of roll forming, slitting, folding, and related equipment for manufacturing roofing, wall profiles, structural sections, and other metal building and steel framing products.


Beck Automation2001 saw the inception of Beck Automation LLC, led by the expertise and passion of Joe Beck, a veteran in the roll forming and controls industry. Beck Automation, located in St. Louis, MO, makes production equipment more efficient and profitable. Beck designs controls and related products for roll forming equipment, cut-to-length lines, tube mills, portable roll formers, and folding machines. 


MetformIn 2005, Metform International Ltd., in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, joined The Bradbury Group. Metform, established in 1968, manufactures roll forming equipment for the automotive, railcar, and heavy-gauge roll forming industries. Metform equipment has proven 
longevity and helps customers stay on the leading edge in the industry.


Bradbury Group Australia Bradbury Group Australia, Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the Bradbury Group formed in 2010, brings together the expertise and innovation of three established leaders in the roll forming industry: Hilleng International, Die-Craft Engineering, and Hayes Australia. Bradbury Group Australia is at the forefront of manufacturing sandwich panel laminating machinery and systems, and they are a premier roll former manufacturer of rainwater products. 


Alliance Machine & EngravingAlliance Machine and Engraving, LLC, based in Ashland, VA, joined forces with The Bradbury Group family of companies in 2011. Manufacturing capabilities for Alliance span a diverse range of products and industries, experts in the field of engraving, pattern development, embossing and calendering machinery.


Athader SL Coil ProcessingThe Bradbury Group welcomed Athader S.L. into The Bradbury Group family in 2012. Located in San Sebastian, Spain, and founded in 1992, Athader is a trusted manufacturer of slitting lines, blanking lines, flying shears, stacking and packing equipment, and much more for the coil processing industry. Combining their expertise, The Bradbury Co., Inc. and Athader have the coil processing equipment solution for lean manufacturing, scrap reduction, and increased efficiency.


Bradbury Group PuMa2014 saw the addition of Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. to our ever-growing family. This acquisition aligns with our growth strategy and broadens our product offerings to include continuous PUR / PIR insulated sandwich panel equipment. Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. serves the metal building, cold storage, HVAC, garage doors, entry doors, and injection molding industries.


Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing SolutionsIn 2015, The Bradbury Group unveiled Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions LP, based in New Zealand, established to serve the global metal tile roofing industry. A BMTRS metal tile production line can manufacture multiple exposed and hidden fasten metal tile profiles and ridge cap profiles. For an entry-level solution, a company may purchase customized die sets and partner with a contract manufacturer to produce metal tiles. 


Attica Precision MachiningAttica Precision Machining joined our Group in 2022. The facility, located in Attica, KS, has a comprehensive suite of services encompassing sawing, sub-assembly welding, polishing, precision turning, and machining. Their expertise in precision turning allows products with dimensions of up to 14 inches in diameter by 83 inches in length. Additionally, it offers precision machining capabilities extending to 41 inches in length, 41 inches in width, and 51 inches in height.


Press Room Equipment CoBradbury acquired Press Room Equipment Co. (PRE) in 2023. PRE has over four decades of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment for metal stamping and fabrication industries. PRE builds stock reels, pallet decoilers, straighteners, coil upenders, press feed systems, high-speed precision servo feeds, and automated processing lines in their Springfield, MO, facility. In addition to the PRE brand, the acquisition includes the Norwalk and Waddington Electronic brands. 

Bradbury Group Global Locations

The Bradbury Group is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality metal processing equipment. With our innovative solutions, extensive product range, and a network of highly capable companies, we are well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Our combined knowledge enhances the capabilities of each company and enables us to apply a wealth of experience to the design, construction, and support of the tools that will help your business grow. Whether you need a single roll former or an entire manufacturing system, we have the expertise and the dedication to design and build equipment that will exceed your expectations.



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