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FAQ: what steel thickness can be processed on a bradbury leveler?

Bradbury's largest leveler series to date includes a heavy gauge eDrive® leveler (U.S. Patent #8893537) and production shear, capable of processing 1.0” thick by 120” wide hot rolled steel. The leveler has 8.5” diameter work rolls, two 250 Horsepower motors and can impart up to Bradbury One Inch Shear8,200,000 lbs. of hydraulic leveling force to the material it processes. The shear is equipped with an automated cartridge blade change system which reduces the changeover time when shear blade sharpening is required. The cartridge can be extracted from the shear’s main frame in approximately three minutes. It requires the same amount of time to reinsert the cartridge making it ready for production. The heavy-duty machinery is controlled by an industrial touchscreen PC running proprietary software. The software is intuitive, allowing for saved setup parameters for future recall. 

Bradbury Series of edrive levelersThe Bradbury Series of eDrive® levelers range from .015” (.38mm) to 1.0” (25mm) material capacity. 

When combined with the Bradbury Flat Trak® CL (U.S. Patent #7185519) and the Bradbury Bow Scout® (U.S. Patent #9021844), Bradbury eDrive® levelers offer you the most advanced leveling system in the world. 

Bradbury edrive leveler

Did you know?

4 Mechanical Engineers, 1 Electrical Engineer, 3 Controls Engineers, and 1 Fluid Power Engineer, worked together to design the 1.0" leveler and shear. 

The weight of the leveler is just over the weight of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The machinery, weighing over half a million pounds, required 11 truckloads when shipped to its destination. 

The driveway at the north end of our assembly facility was extended in order to allow access for a truck that was long enough to ship the leveler main frames.

The 8,200,000 lbs. of force is nearly equal to the total force of all the Space Shuttle’s rockets combined. 

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