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New to Market - Nova Steel Purchases Bradbury Thrive e-drive³ Levelers

Written by Steve Baker, Athader Sales Area Manager

Nova Steel Inc. and The Bradbury Co., Inc. announce Nova Steel's purchase of two Thrive e-Drive³ Bradbury Hydraulic Levelers. The e-Drive³ (U.S. Patent # 8893537) technology is the newest advancement for the Bradbury revolutionary, patented leveler drive system producing the flattest product in the market. 

The first leveler, being placed in the Nova Steel Push-Pull Pickling Line in Stoney Creek, ON, Canada, will run material of more than 100,000 psi yield at 400 fpm. 

The second leveler will be in a Nova Steel small rotary shear 1/4” x 72” cut-to-length line in Lasalle, QC, Canada, and will run material of more than 80,000 psi yield at 150 fpm.

Bradbury Thrive edrive leveler

Both levelers feature state-of-the-art automation, including the Bradbury Thrive e-Drive³ Technology and Flat Track® CL units. The Flat Track® CL system monitors the material surface shape throughout the coil. If a problem is detected, the software automatically adjusts the leveler. The Thrive e-Drive³ technology exhibits significantly enhanced leveling capabilities compared to conventional levelers with its regenerative technology, focused tension, and penetration. The levelers will have Bradbury advanced operator controls providing automated setup via Bradbury TSC™ HMI. The system offers an enhanced leveling capability where the internal stresses are equalized. The Bradbury Thrive e-Drive³ Technology reduces energy waste, making it a low-cost, eco-friendly leveling system.

Nova Steel Inc.: Nova Steel is a privately owned company operating 20 divisions in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They operate manufacturing, processing, and distribution businesses under the names Nova Steel, American Steel and Aluminum, and Cresswell Industries. Nova's main business industries are structural, mechanical, and automotive tubing, standard pipe, service centers and distribution, heavy fabrication and weldments, industrial racking, and nails for hardwood floors. Nova Steel currently employs 1200 people across North America. For more information on Nova Steel, log on to

The Bradbury Group: Headquartered in Moundridge, Kansas, the companies of The Bradbury Group are leading manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of roll forming equipment and integrated systems designed for metal-forming and coil-processing applications in a wide range of industries. Product lines include roll formers, precision roller levelers, cut-to-length systems, building trim equipment, coil processing production lines, and automated production systems. Bradbury custom-designed machines are the best and most durable in the industry. Through acquisition and partnerships, Bradbury brings together manufacturers of related product lines that employ the latest technology and provide unsurpassed value in their respective machine categories. To learn more about the Bradbury group of companies, visit

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