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Marion Die & Fixture Provides Complete Die Maintenance Programs

Marion Die & Fixture offers complete maintenance programs for dies. From evaluation and reset to complete component and tooling replacement, MDF will service your dies to specific standards while documenting the maintenance performed, including recommended future repairs.

Die maintenance planning is no different than planning for equipment maintenance. Push the die too far, and product quality suffers, or worse yet – a catastrophic failure for tooling components. If you service the die too soon, the maintenance costs associated with the die repair increase while resource utilization declines and staffing constraints tighten.

While there is no magic bullet for calculating the exact moment for most die maintenance schedules, Marion Die & Fixture helps customers track service records and component conditions during our maintenance programs. We can help relieve the backlog in your tool and die department while providing input regarding performance and documenting component wear.

MDF offers quick turnarounds, up-front service, and component pricing. Our customers rely on our team to reset dies for production, repair damaged dies, and evaluate the die performance based on our years of experience in the precision tooling field. Marion Die & Fixture provides die maintenance services for all types of dies, big or small.

Maintenance photo_sm2MDF offers component modeling, hydraulic press systems, custom shears and benders, custom dies, inspection/assembly fixtures, and die servicing. Customers trust Marion Die & Fixture to create solutions that meet tight tolerances and high production rates in multiple industries. 


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