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Customer Satisfaction Always Comes First at Custom Rollforming Corp.

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Article by Bryan Smith, General Manager, CRC

Custom Rollforming Corporation (CRC) started in 1959 with the goal of meeting a customer’s requirements by producing accurately roll formed parts delivered on time. Over sixty-one years later, our focus remains the same. We continue to produce high-quality parts while maintaining over a 99% on-time delivery rate. 

We have a reputation in the industry for successfully roll forming parts many companies deem “unrollformable”. The desire to be the most accurate, trustworthy, custom roll form company in the industry continues to drive our business.

Custom Rollforming roll formed profiles

To ensure our customers receive the most accurate formed parts, CRC is excited to announce the purchase of a Keyence WM Series Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). New to the US market in March 2020, Custom Rollforming Corp. is one of the first companies in the United States to own and utilize this new technology. More accurate than the Faro and Romer Arms, and far more versatile than a traditional bedded CMM, the WM CMM gives CRC the capacity to measure parts up to 33 feet long, over 16 feet wide, and over 16 feet tall within +/-.002” (.051 mm). The Custom Rollforming Corp CMMinterchangeable stylus gives us the ability to measure more features on more parts, faster and more accurately than tape measures, calipers, height gauges, and radius gauges combined. The CMM is portable, allowing us to measure parts as they come off the machine, use it in our newly built climate-controlled quality lab, or if needed, take it to a customer’s facility. Once a part is measured, a report can be generated and emailed to a customer to verify all dimension requirements are met.

CRC produces a wide range of roll formed metal products for the agriculture, transportation, construction and solar industries, made to customer specifications with ten roll forming lines and a gauge range up to 3/8” (.375) and steel up to grade 100.

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