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Bradbury Continues to Grow the Leadership Development Program

Over the last year, participants from The Bradbury Group have completed the leadership development program. Throughout each class, participants were challenged with learning the philosophy of leadership and how they can grow both professionally and personally. The skills they have gathered will be directly related to The Bradbury Group's Vision, Mission and Values & Beliefs.

The following participants completed the course: Colin January, Jalonna Ross, Courtney Swanner, Charles Dye, Marcus Gaeddert, Jeremy Moore, Nathon Daniels, Mason Kukuk, Nathan Dewitt, Gavin Lopata, Rod Rinker, Adam Wulf, Evan Esau, Brant Boswell, Zach Beck, Clark Nichols, Shaun Fields, and Jamie Schultz

Bradbury Leadership Program Participants

Pictured above are a few participants from The Bradbury Group, as well as David Cox - CEO, Ryan Durst - President, and Maria Pressnall- HR Director

Bradbury HR Director, Maria Pressnall, discussed the development of the leadership class stating, "we aspire to move to Level 5 leadership and help those around us do the same. We will help our team members capitalize on their strengths and ensure they know what is expected of them. We will lead with honesty and integrity and inspire our team members to grow both professionally and personally, creating a legacy of outstanding leaders for years to come."

Congratulations to this hard-working group! We look forward to watching this group continue to grow as leaders and share the information they have gained through this program. 



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