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Increase Production with the Bradbury 8-Arm Turnstile

Posted by Rachel Grilliot on Nov 8, 2017 4:19:37 PM

Dedicated to producing productivity-enhancing metal processing equipment, the Bradbury engineered and manufactured 8-arm turnstile will increase product output and prevent coil damage in your manufacturing line. 

8 arm with border.jpg

Additional arms allow loaded coils to remain on the turnstile until they are depleted. By decreasing the amount of forklift and crane handling required, coil sag is reduced, material damage is diminished, and time is saved. 

By staging the coils based on production runs, 

the operator can choose from eight coils that are ready for thread-up, eliminating the need for a forklift or crane to load the next coil. 

Watch the video below to view the efficiency of the 8-arm turnstile. 

For more information on the 8-arm turnstile, or other Bradbury equipment, contact us by calling +1.620.345.6394 or by clicking the link below to submit a contact request.

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