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Athader and Leveltek Sign Strategic Agreement

Athader and Leveltek Sign a Strategic Agreement for Stretch Leveler Cut-To-Length Lines

Athader, A Bradbury Group Company located in Spain, has signed a strategic agreement with Leveltek International, a U.S. company, for the worldwide supply of stretch leveling cut-to-length lines after being awarded a contract by a well-known European service center for a line of this type. This will be the third installation of a Athader/Leveltek stretch leveler CTL line.

ATHADER-LEVELTEK stretch leveler cut-to-length lines incorporate the latest developments to improve efficiency in processes and production includingHarkaitz_Leveltek Agreement-1

  • Automatic coil loading and threading
  • Pre-leveler for crossbow and coil set correction
  • Brushing system for scale and dust removal
  • Leveltek proprietary non-marking grips
  • Flying shear
  • Robotic and highly automated sheet bundle storage system
  • System for monitoring production and incidents on the line using Athader’s Matrix software which integrates with the customer’s management systems.

These features result in a 50% production increase compared to stretch cut-to-length lines with a start-stop shear.

Installation costs for these lines are substantially less since no special pit or foundation is required for the flying shear and stretch leveler. For this reason, ATHADER-LEVELTEK offer rebuilds of cut to length lines replacing roller levelers with stretch levelers.

With this agreement, Athader expands its technological solutions for leveling steel coils by offering:Athader Bradbury Group

  • Roller mechanical levelers – Athader.
  • Hydraulic e-Drive levelers – Bradbury.
  • Stretch levelers – Leveltek.

Leveltek  Athader BradburyLeveltek International designs, manufactures, and installs stretch leveling systems for light to heavy gauge cut-to-length and coil-to-coil lines. The company is headquartered in Benwood, WV.  Since 1993 they have supplied stretch flattening equipment at coil processing facilities for ferrous and non-ferrous materials worldwide.

The agreement will strengthen the presence of both companies for projects requiring stretch leveling in new lines and existing line upgrades.

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