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Samwoo Purchases Bradbury e-Drive® Leveler

While the world was watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, The Bradbury Co., Inc. had reason to celebrate its own victory in South Korea: A Bradbury e-Drive® cassette leveler sold to Samwoo located in South Korea. The leveler will be ready for commissioning in mid-2018.

Samwoo Co., Ltd., a primary supplier to the automotive industry, purchased the 17 roll cassette e-Drive® leveler (Patent #8893537) with the Flat Trak® CL Series automatic monitoring system (Patent # 7185519) to improve the quality of material they provide to their automotive customers. Their goal is to consistently produce flat products.  Bradbury ran tests with various materials on e-Drive® levelers for Samwoo; the results provided the consistency they were looking for.  

Samwoo purchases Bradbury e-drive leveler with Flat Trak CL monitoring systemPictured Above: Mr. Dong-Kil Lee, Managing Director / Plant Manager for Samwoo (left), and Mr. Jim Sugars, Industry Sales Leader - Coil Processing Lines for The Bradbury Co., Inc. (Right)

To learn more about Bradbury e-Drive® levelers and/or the Flat Trak® CL Series monitoring system call +1.620.345.6394 to talk to one of our industry sales leaders or contact us via the button below.  

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