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Bradbury Facilities Continue to Grow Rapidly

Over the past five years, Bradbury has continued to grow in Moundridge, Kansas. Our commitment to expanding and improving our facilities is evident in the recent additions to our assembly and testing area, as well as the ongoing extension of our inventory area. With a dedicated team of over 300 employees at our headquarters, we are constantly seeking opportunities to expand and propel our company to new heights.

Last year, we began an exciting journey at our plant 2 facility. Plant 2 Bradbury ExpansionWe finished a project that allowed us to extend the three center bays by 150 feet to the North. This resulted in an additional 22,500 square feet of assembly and test floorspace. The demand for our services quickly filled up this new space with exciting customer projects. Realizing the need for even more room, we made the decision to add on to both the East and West bays of Plant 2, matching the latest expansion and providing us with an extra 15,000 square feet. The progress of these new expansions has been smooth, with only a few final touches remaining before they become fully operational and significantly enhance our operations.

What sets this new addition apart is its height. Standing at an impressive 10' taller than the existing building, this expansion allows us to increase our vertical storage space. By utilizing 16' speed racks instead of the current 10' racking, we now have ample space to accommodate an expanded inventory of Bradbury supplies on the East side.

Plant 2 expansion Bradbury

Meanwhile, the West side addition will provide our assembly and test department with another 7,500 square feet. This additional space will be utilized to build customer machines and conduct tests. To further enhance efficiency, we will also install a 20T overhead crane that offers an additional 10' of crane height for assembly and test purposes. With these two expansions, our current square footage will be significantly increased, allowing us to better serve our customers and provide an improved working environment for our employees. At Bradbury, we are constantly striving to enhance our business operations and create benefits for our valued team.

In addition to the remarkable growth of our plant 2 facility in Moundridge, Bradbury Hall of Fame Kansas, we have recently transformed our "Hall of Fame" area into a life like experience. Previously, the hallway was decorated with still photographs, but now it has been converted into an engaging experience with real life videos playing throughout business hours. Through the integration of two laser projectors, visitors can now get a firsthand look at The Bradbury Group's state-of-the-art equipment on display.

Bradbury is a world leader in roll forming and coil processing technology. We are here to increase your production and effectively grow your business. Call us to find out more about our products and services.

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