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Bradbury Develops W Valley Trim Roll Former

Posted by Matt Werner on May 21, 2015 4:09:00 PM

The Bradbury Co., Inc. develops a W Valley roll former to accompany an extensive line of equipment to manufacture metal trim profiles. Typically roof valley flashings are produced on press brakes, folders, or hand brakes. This can be a challenge due to the handling of the long and wide entry blank widths needed to produce valley flashings. The maximum valley length is determined by the length of the bending machine and part production times can be a couple of minutes on a single bend folder with two operators involved.

The Bradbury W Valley roll former produces a finished part from pre-cut blanks in a matter of seconds with minimal handling. The machine is designed to form 26 and 29 gauge (.35mm & .48mm), in both grades 50 and 80 (350 MPa & 550 MPa), and multiple flange widths while utilizing a maximum incoming strip width of 41"(1040 mm).  There is no maximum part length dictated by the rollfomer allowing the production of continuous valleys.

Bradbury W Valley Rollformer


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