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Bradbury Group CEO Earns Executive of the Year

On Monday, November 13, David Cox was honored as one of the executives of the year honorees through the Wichita Business Journal. David took over as CEO in 2016 and continues to propel the business forward year after year. Congratulations David on a well-earned honor. 

David Cox's journey with the Bradbury team began in 1997 when he joined as the Operations Manager. His skills and dedication moved him to the position of Assistant General Manager in 1999, where he took charge of managing engineering and customer service. With his continuous growth and expertise, David became the General Manager of The Bradbury Company in 2000, and soon after, the Chief Operating Officer. In 2007, he took over as President and, in 2016, successfully took over as Chief Executive Officer.David with Management

When asked about the turning point in his career that prepared him for top executive responsibilities, David shared his journey. Reflecting on his time at Wichita State University, taking Management 681, he revealed that his initial career objective was to lead a company. However, he admits to being naive back then. Throughout his professional journey, David has been fortunate to have influential mentors who shaped his path, including Vincent Hiebsch from Vincent Oil, Charles Spradlin from Berexco, David Bradbury, and other executives at Bradbury. He also credits his own father, Bill Cox, for his guidance and support.

David not only carries the responsibilities of being the CEO of a company but also excels in his roles as a father, a husband, and a valued board member. KSU family-1His wife, Jill Cox, and their two sons, Samuel and Thomas, enjoy being outdoors and taking in God's country. The family spends time at the lake, while doing water sport activities as well as taking snow-skiing adventures, playing golf, going hunting, and fishing. David's commitment also extends beyond his family, as he serves as a board member for the National Association of Manufacturers.

Congratulations, David, on this well-deserved honor. Your achievements inspire us all, and we are excited to see what the future holds for both you and The Bradbury Group.




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