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Product Spotlight: Bradbury Crimped End Bridge Deck Roll Forming Line

Posted by Taylor Graber on Jun 3, 2016 10:00:32 AM

Bradbury's bridge deck roll forming line is able to produce a closed end bridge deck profile.  This line includes a 20,000 lb capacity uncoiler, thread up table with entry shear, a 22 pass Rafted® roll former with 4 1/2" shafts and post shear and press to crimp, notch, and shear the leading and trailing ends of the 2” deep Deck Profile.

From Bradbury's Doublewide™ Rollformers to our innovative pin and cam Rafted® Drive Connection, our deck roll forming lines are built for flexibility and high throughput. With a material range from 16-gauge to 29-gauge steel, the proven and time-tested crunch tooling design consistently delivers maximum results with limited maintenance. Whether you require interlocked, nestable, embossed, or slot vented decking or hangar tabs, curving units or stacking systems, Bradbury has field-proven equipment to meet your needs.

To see a short video of this line click below.

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